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Sell – Side Advisory

Mergers & Acquisitions

We help our clients navigate through the entire sale process. We provide honest and high-quality advisory on key aspects of the transaction such as timing, structure, pricing, negotiations and closing.

Whether it is a full or a partial sale, we strive to meet shareholder’s objectives and maximize the value of the company by running a competitive and organized process.


Planning & Preparation
  • Creation of detailed financial projections
  • Understanding of the objectives and structure of the transaction
  • Document preparation (teaser, confidential information memorandum -CIM-, process letter, NDA)
  • Identification of potential buyers
Contact with Buyers
  • Contact potential buyers
  • Distribution of marketing materials
  • Reception of non-binding offers
  • Memorandum of Understanding to advance to next stage
Due Diligence
  • Creation of the data room
  • Grant access to potential buyers to data room
  • Accounting, tax, labor, and legal due diligence
  • Visits to the company and management presentations
  • Q&A process with buyers’ accountants and lawyers
Contracts and Negotiation
  • Selection of legal advisors
  • Drafting of contracts
  • Revision and negotiation of contracts (SPA, SHA, rentals, labor, others)
  • Contract signing
  • Approvals
  • Precedent conditions
  • Closing and disbursement