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Debt Capital

Capital Raising

We walk side by side with our clients through the whole process ensuring the type of debt, lender and issuance that better suits their needs. Our team has experience structuring public and private debt and negotiating the best terms and conditions.

We actively work with local and regional institutions such as pension funds, insurance companies, banks, multilaterals, debt funds and family offices. Likewise, we have also consolidated close ties with American and European financial institutions that focus on the region.


Planning & Preparation
  • Creation of detailed financial projections
  • Understanding of the objectives and structure of the transaction
  • Document preparation (teaser, confidential information memorandum -CIM-, process letter, NDA)
  • Definition of parameters of the transaction
  • Identification of potential lending institutions
Contact with Lending Institutions
  • Contact potential lenders
  • Distribution of marketing materials
  • Reception of term sheets
Due Diligence
  • Creation of the data room
  • Grant access to potential lender to data room
  • Accounting, tax, labor, and legal due diligence
  • Visits to the company and management presentations
  • Q&A process with lenders’ accountants and lawyers
Contracts and Negotiation
  • Letter of Intent
  • Selection of legal advisors
  • Drafting of contracts and definition of covenants
  • Revision and negotiation of contracts (credit agreement, collateral contract, others)
  • Contract signing
  • Approvals
  • Precedent conditions
  • Closing and disbursement