Agricola Chapi: Debt


Agricola Chapi USD 28 MM structured loan

In October 2018, Agricola Chapi S.A., an agriculture company focused on the export of avocados, grapes and asparagus with sales of USD 30 MM, received a USD 28 MM loan from the Dutch bank Rabobank.

The loan acted as an incremental of Agricola Chapi’s original USD 22 MM loan received from Rabobank in 2017. This new loan will allow Agricola Chapi to accelerate and escalate its original expansion plan.

Rabobank is a Dutch bank specialized in loans to the agricultural and food sectors. It has presence in more than 40 countries.

EFIC Partners advised Agricola Chapi with the: evaluation of several capital raising alternatives attached to unique expansion plans, identification of potential creditors and  presentation of the expansion plan.