Neptunia: Minority Acquisition


Acquisition of minority stake in Neptunia by Andino Investment Holding

In February 2011, Andino Investment Holding (“AIH”) completed the acquisition of a minority stake in Neptunia S.A. With this transaction, AIH will secure control of 100% of Neptunia’s outstanding shares.

Neptunia is a leading company in Peru’s logistics industry, with close to 30 years of experience and USD 90 MM in revenues. Neptunia provides integrated logistic solutions for: foreign trade, freight forwarders, distribution centers and shipping lines.

Additionally, Neptunia holds 1 MM m2 in real estate and two main subsidiaries: Triton Transport (heavy load road transport) and Almafin (warrant and certificate of deposit emissions).

This acquisition is part of AIH’s strategy to consolidate control in its main subsidiaries.

EFIC Partners acted as AIH’s financial advisor in the acquisition.